Leigh Ann Zerr

Intuitive & conversational copywriter, helping progressive-minded female entrepreneurs amplify their voices, expand their brands online, and find space for adventure

Hey there!

I see you. Working hard on a business you love.

The business that you built with your bare hands.

Are you ready to outsource some tasks, so you can actually ENJOY the benefits of all that hard work? More time exploring, giving back to your community, hanging with the people you love, rather than writing yet another IG caption or blog post.

Sound familiar? Isn’t that kind of why you ditched your 9-5 in the first place?

How are you doing with the whole “letting go” thing in your business? I mean, really?

You’ve done the hustle. Now it’s time to hand over the reins, so you can find a little freedom and space to just BREATHE.

That was the dream all along, right?

I promise there’s a way. When you hire me to handle your copywriting and content, you get to keep your brand’s message front and center – and keep making those SALES –
while you enjoy time to LIVE LIFE.
If you’re ready to REALLY find that freedom to live and breathe again, book a call with me to see how I can take the reins of your content.
Because content is my thing – it’s what I do best, and it’s what I wake up excited to dive into every day. This business is how I find the balance to live and breathe and enjoy life with my family. I want that for you too, so let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other!

Psst…want to know my secret to planning a year’s worth of blog content…in a day???? Yeah you do. 


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I'm Leigh Ann...

Adventure-loving mom to one fierce, fiery daughter + a sweet and sensitive baby boy. Wife to my mountain-biking, workout-loving, travel-addict high school sweetheart. Dog mom to many-a-foster-fail. Writer of all the things. After decades writing and teaching the “shoulds” of the English language, I’ve embraced the much more exciting world of conversational, approachable copy that speaks to real people. Screw the prepositions, let’s end all our sentences with emojis 💃

Leigh Ann has been incredible to work with. I hired her to create a social media content calendar and ghostwrite an article for me. She did a fantastic job. Everything was well researched and engaging. She nailed my tone of voice and she somehow managed to do all of this in record time. I can't wait to work with her again in the future 
Sue Howard
Founder, VoC Marketing