Leigh Ann Zerr

Intuitive & conversational copywriter, helping progressive-minded female entrepreneurs amplify their voices, expand their brands online, and connect with their dream clients.

Ready to Elevate Your Copy?

As a successful online service provider or coach, you know what it means to invest for success. 

You’re also acutely aware of the truth behind the old adage “you get what you pay for”. 

Copy – the words that entice your dream clients to sign up (or click away) – is one of those professional upgrades every serious business owner will eventually make. 

Here’s the thing: if you’ve DIY’d your web or sales copy until now, that’s great! Clearly, it’s gotten you this far. But there comes a time when that DIY messaging doesn’t cut it anymore. 

There’s a point in business when you don’t have the time (or patience) to bother with less-than-ideal clients.

THAT is the point when it makes sense to hire a professional copywriter.

When you’re ready for dream clients to land on your page and click YES! This is for me! …

And for all those not-so-dreamy clients to click away and save both of you from yet another awkward sales call.

Hi! I’m Leigh Ann

Adventure-loving mom to one fierce, fiery daughter and a sweet, super talkative little boy. Wife to my mountain-biking, oh-so-dreamy high school sweetheart. Dog mom to many-a-foster-fail. Former French & English teacher, now writer of all the things.  

My passions include podcasts, especially those of the true crime genre, red wine, olives by the jar-full, and travel. I once planned a multi-week trip for a group of six girls, from western France to the Greek Isles and back – pre-smartphone!! Honestly, looking back, I have no idea how I pulled that off. Where there’s a will … ?

After decades of writing and teaching the “shoulds” of the English language, I’ve embraced the much more exciting world of conversational, approachable copy.

The kind that speaks to real people, like real people speak.

Linguistics nerd through and through, I have a keen eye for grammatical errors and typos, yet a pragmatic and rebellious streak that tells me when to throw the rules out the window.

And even though I pride myself on writing to create real human connection, I’ve been trained in the world’s best conversion copy techniques. The kind that help you (ethically!!) show your ideal clients how and why YOU have the solution they are seeking. 

I’m known for almost magically nailing a client’s unique voice — something I very much attribute to my intuitive nature.

Copy that converts. Words that connect with ideal clients. Emails that engage. Content that promotes conversation.

When you hire me, you get relatable. You get approachable. You get effective. 

My job as your copywriter is to plan and develop your online content so you have more time to operate in your zone of genius… with the exact client you WANT to work with.

Work With Me 

2023 Portfolio by leighannb
Leigh Ann has taken my social media from blah to brilliant! Her captions are captivating, creative and fun with polished, clear calls to action. She is always providing interesting new content and goes the extra mile to research and find relevant stories that tie into my business. My engagement has more than doubled since Leigh Ann has been working her magic on my captions!