How to Repurpose Content: 27 Ways to Build Your Authority and Boost Your Sales With Repurposed Blog Content

Content repurposing

Learn how to repurpose content, starting today

People consume content in a TON of different ways. Some people love listening to podcasts while doing dishes. Other people prefer scrolling through social media while lounging in bed. Some like to skim email content while taking mini brain breaks at work. 

The thing about content is that it’s all about how you package it. 

There is an art to not reinventing the wheel, my friends. When you write one good, solid, value-filled piece of content… USE. THE. HELL. OUT OF IT!!!

But what if I give all my knowledge and expertise away for free??? No one will buy my products, and I’ll have to get a job at Target. 

Nothing wrong with donning the red uniform, but have no fear. You will still make sales (and likely many MORE sales) by offering high-quality blog content to your audience. 

Never underestimate the power of curation. 

Curated content is extremely valuable

When I go looking for a solution to a problem, my first step is to Google it. I bet it’s the same for you too. The second best thing? Remembering some content creator’s info about the problem I’m trying to solve. 

Oh, wait a sec. I remember so-and-so had those posts about writing killer headlines. Who was that again? *scrolls Instagram* Oh yeah, her! What’s her deal? 

Whoa! She has a $27 offer that looks like it will suit my needs. Let’s try it! That’s basically the cost of a very frugal dinner date night. SOLD. 

Consistently repurposing your blog content puts you top of mind with your audience

How do you become top of mind for your people? 

By getting your content in front of them! Plain and simple. 

But I’m being repetitive. But I’m going to annoy my audience. They’re going to get sick of me. 


Have you ever, in the same breath, complained about the algorithm? That intangible thing that seemingly has the power to make or break our reach on social media? 

Guess what? The more content you produce, the more likely you are to beat the algorithm. 

A potential client needs to see the same message over and over again before they’re ready to trust you with their email address. Before they’re ready to buy. 

You have to convince them that you know what the hell you’re talking about. Otherwise, you’re just another voice in a sea of millions. 

Your key to standing out is:

  1. 🗝️Determining exactly who your people are
  2. 🗝️Writing messages that speak to their exact problems and offer them concrete solutions
  3. 🗝️Creating enough content that you are TOP OF MIND for them! Meaning they have seen your message multiple times. So when they are finally ready to invest in solving their problem, YOU are the person they think of. 

So how do you get your content out there without being repetitive? 

The key to becoming top of mind = Content repurposing for impact.

So what can you do with that amazing, value-packed blog post you just published? Let’s count the ways!  

27 ways to repurpose blog content


  1. 📌Choose 1-3 key points from your post and write a short caption with a link to your post. 
  2. 📌Share your caption on your personal profile. 
  3. 📌Share it on your business page. 
  4. 📌Link it on promo threads in your favorite networking groups. 
  5. 📌Go live to share the key points of your post. 


  1. 📌Write a caption for your main feed.
  2. 📌Create a Reel talking about the key points.
  3. 📌Add tips from your post to your stories.
  4. 📌Record an IGTV video. 
  5. 📌Engage your followers with polls or surveys in your stories.


  1. 📌Create a pretty pin graphic and link your post. 
  2. 📌Create a video pin. 


  1. 📌Pull your 5 favorite quotes from the post and schedule tweets for the week. 
  2. 📌Tweet out a direct link to your blog with an eye-catching graphic. 

Podcast Content:

  1. 📌Talk about the topic of your post on your next podcast episode.
  2. 📌Share about your topic as a guest on someone else’s podcast. 
  3. 📌Use key points from your post in your next pitch to be a podcast guest. 

Email Marketing: 

  1. 📌Take a snippet from your post and send it as part of your weekly newsletter.
  2. 📌Turn the content into a bonus email training series.
  3. 📌Create a checklist or printable based on the blog content and offer as a lead magnet. 

Even More Ideas: 

  1. 📌Did you record a FB live or podcast episode based on the post? Upload it to Youtube!
  2. 📌Republish your post with minor tweaks. Can you turn the content into a series of mini-posts, for example? Or change it from a “How To” guide to a listicle perhaps?  
  3. 📌Use it as a chapter in an eBook.
  4. 📌Create a visual presentation or slideshow and publish on Slideshare. 
  5. 📌Use those slides to create a webinar.
  6. 📌Publish your blog as a LinkedIn article. 
  7. 📌Syndicate your post on Medium. 

So. Many. Ideas!!!! Now, clearly, you don’t want to do all the things all at once. Choose the ones that work best for you and your audience, the ones you feel the most excited about. If you hate the idea of being a podcast guest, please, don’t do it! Your lack of enthusiasm will be a turn off anyway. 

The biggest takeaway I want you to have is this: 

Don’t hit publish and then walk away— your content needs to work harder for you! 

Comment below with the ONE way you’ll start repurposing blog content today. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more tips, tricks, and adorable/hilarious kid pics. 

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