Hey there!

I’m Leigh Ann! Adventure-loving mom to one fierce, fiery daughter. Wife to my mountain-biking, workout-addicted high school sweetheart. Dog mom to many-a-foster-fail. Former French & English teacher, now writer of all the things. 

My passions include podcasts, especially those of the true crime genre, red wine, olives by the jar-full, and travel. I once planned a multi-week trip for a group of six girls, from western France to the Greek Isles and back – pre-smartphone!! Honestly, looking back, I have no idea how I pulled that off. Where there’s a will … ?

After decades of writing and teaching the “shoulds” of the English language, I’ve embraced the much more exciting world of conversational, approachable copy.

The kind that speaks to real people, like real people speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some grammar. I can spot an error/typo/misusage a mile away. Sometimes, I just don’t care tho 🤷

Linguistics nerd through and through, I have a keen eye for grammatical errors and typos, yet a pragmatic and rebellious streak that tells me when to throw the rules out the window.

People consume content at lightning speed these days. Scroll, skim, click, double tap. Ain’t no one got time for stuffy grammar rules.

Screw the prepositions, let’s end all our sentences with emojis❗️💃😉

That’s my philosophy, anyway. And it seems to work for my clients. Copy that converts. Words that connect with ideal clients. Emails that engage. Captions that promote conversation. 

When you hire me, you get relatable. You get approachable. You get effective. 

My job as your content creator is to plan, produce, and grow your online content so you have more time for … whatever you want!

  • 🔹Self-care
  • 🔹Professional learning
  • 🔹Nurturing client relationships
  • 🔹Dreaming up big new ideas
  • 🔹Road tripping with your person
  • 🔹Napping (!!!)
  • 🔹Reading that damn book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for a year

When you hand over your content to me, I nurture your brand voice as if it were my own. 

That’s where my INFJ personality comes in handy – that whole iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging stuff really kicks in when it’s time for me to adopt your brand voice and understand your clients’ pain points.

The Introverted thing? 

That mostly just means we’ll connect more over the current state of our Netflix queues rather than what to wear to your latest in-person networking event… IDK, I basically live in leggings and sweatpants. The beauty of video calls, amiright? Business up top, leggings on the bottom! 💁

I’d love to get to know your brand, your voice, your mission. Let’s find out if we’re a great fit! Click below to schedule a free discovery call, where we’ll chat, outline your goals, and come up with a solid plan for your content –>

Serial Traveler

I live for travel. The planning, the dreaming, the experience. Costa Rica, California, Croatia... we have a lot of pins in our map, but we have so much left to explore! If my husband and I don't have a trip in the works, we get pretty cranky😂

Red Wine, All the Time

My drink of choice is always red wine, no matter the occasion. Okay, maybe I draw the line when it's 100 degrees outside and we're on the beach. Maybe.

Podcast Addict

I've been hooked on podcasts since way back in the days of Serial. I'm a big fan of the true crime genre, but I like to sprinkle in a healthy dose of business, mindset , and copywriting podcasts for good measure.

I am over-the-moon happy! You are reliable, have a fantastic work ethic, and really took the time to read the posts to craft a thoughtful title. I appreciate it so much! I will DEFINITELY keep you in mind if I need copy writing needs in the future!!