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In the meantime – are you looking for some help with words? Got a thriving business, a solid product, and some robust social channels, but you feel a bit stuck to your screen, trying to do all the things? Do you just want to STOP for a sec, take a nap, a breather, a break? Do you want to confidently go off the grid for a chunk of time, without worrying your business will implode while you’re gone?  Been there. 

We’re not meant to do all the things. 

I’m guessing you built this business way back when, imagining the day when you could lounge on a beach, be your own boss, live a life of freedom. 

Are you there yet? 

Why not? 

Is it time to let go?

When I finally recognized that my thing is writing, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Cliché, I know. But for real, it did. I’m not cut out for product development or sales or coaching. 

What I’m really good at is the word stuff. 

So – if you have a business that’s thriving, but you need to crank out consistent content to stay relevant, top-of-mind, and relatable, I’m your girl. 

I wake up every day excited to WRITE. Blogs, emails, IG captions, product descriptions. I’m a sucker for a challenge. Want me to write a sales page on marketing for senior living facilities? Yes, please! I am legit 💯 excited to dive into the research and competition. I love tapping into the mindset of the target audience, whoever that may be. 

My INFJ personality really works for us here – intuitive, feeling, judging – not in a weird way, more so in an “I can figure this out accurately” kind of way. 

If you’re looking for a way to outsource one of the 14,578 things required of entrepreneurs these days, I’d love to take some of the writing tasks off your hands. Let’s see if we’re a fit by chatting on a free discovery call. Click below to book a call. Look forward to seeing how I can help you find time to explore, rest, dream, and reap the benefits of a business well built. 

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