Killer Content. Done in a Flash.

Got a writing project you NEED to knock out, like yesterday? Book a VIP Copy Lab with me + we’ll get some sh*t done. 

Your laundry list of writing projects is never ending. I get it. 

You have ALL the ideas. ALL the drive. ALL the ambition.
What’s missing is the TIME and the CONFIDENCE in knowing that the words you publish will connect + convert.

That’s where I come in. Hey 👋, I’m Leigh Ann.
Intuitive + conversational copywriter for female entrepreneurs who value INCLUSIVITY, INTEGRITY, + IN-YOUR-FACE HONESTY.

Hand over your nagging list of copywriting tasks and I’ll get it handled. 
Skillfully. Authentically. Quickly.

How it Works: Content Lab Days

Step #1: Discovery

Book a 30-minute discovery call to see if the VIP Copy Lab will fit your needs.

Basically, we’ll answer 2 questions: What do you need done? Can I get it to you in a week? 

If it seems like a good fit, I’ll send you an email with next steps.

Step #2: Commitment

Pick your VIP week. Sign your contract + reserve your spot with a 50% deposit. 

Watch for instructions to enter your client portal, where you’ll find some homework.

Step #3: Preparation

You: complete your homework at least 72 hours before your VIP week begins. 

Me: I begin sleuthing your brand voice + ideal audience. 

Step #4:

You: Be available via Slack or Messenger to give timely feedback.

Me: Craft amazing copy, to be delivered by Thursday of your VIP week.

You: Sleep on it. Review with your Business BFF. Request edits within a few days for some final polishing. Sigh with relief.

When you book a VIP Copy Lab with me, you can rest easy knowing your copy woes will be handled by a pro. 

What can be done during a VIP Copy Lab? 
Well, tbh, a lot depends on YOU. Are you starting from a solid foundation and just need some polishing? Or are you diving into your very first launch sequence, starting from scratch? 

Here are a few examples of copywriting projects that can be completed during a VIP Copy Lab: 

✏️ Web Copy Refresh: 3-5 pages
✏️ Web Copy From Scratch: 3-4 pages
✏️ Long-Form Sales Page
✏️ Launch Email Sequence: 8-10 emails
✏️ Welcome Email Sequence

Don’t see your project listed? No worries! Book a call and we can chat about your unique needs. 


Your investment in the VIP Copy Lab is $2200, which includes all the pre-work needed to sleuth your style, 8 hours of writing your copy done in 4 days or less, and one round of edits.

The amount of research she must have put into this is astonishing. As I watched her work on my brand, it felt like she could read my mind. She created resources I didn’t even know I needed!
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