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Intuitive, effective content solutions for female CEOs who are killin’ it in business. Keep your content flowing while you unplug and focus on your business, your health, your relationships … I got you 😉

Got a content problem? A time problem? A desire problem? A trying-to-do-too-many-damn-things problem? I hear you. Loud. And. Clear.

None of us can do it all. You run your business. Nurture your client relationships. Set your goals.

… and then? You plan your content. Write your blogs. Post your socials. Email your lists. Draft your sales pages. 


Every successful CEO delegates. Outsources. Identifies – and then sticks with – her personal zone of genius. 

If writing isn’t your zone of genius, it’s time to hand over the reins. You need an effective writer who understands you, your brand, and your clients. 

VIP Content Lab  

Got a writing project you NEED to knock out, like yesterday? Book a VIP  Lab Day with me + we’ll get some sh*t done.

🌟 Web copy overhaul
🌟 Social media content calendar
🌟 Batched blog posts or captions
🌟 Killer email sequences
…what else you got on your plate?🧐

During your block of time, you get my brain, my focus, my eyes on your messaging. We’ll strategize + get to writing. At the end of the day, I’ll hand over your shiny new copy + a Loom video walking you through everything we accomplished. 

Quit stressing about that stuff you need to write and just GET IT DONE, girlfriend!!!

Your VIP lab day include at least 2 hours of pre-work plus 6 hours of intense day-of work. Investment = $1297

How it Works: Content Lab Days

Step #1

Book a 30-minute discovery call to see if a VIP lab day is right for your goals.

Step #2

Pick your day.
Sign your contract + reserve your spot with a 50% deposit.

Step #3

Complete your homework at least 72 hours before your VIP day. My pre-lab prep work begins.

Step #4

The day of! Join me for a kick-off call to plan our day, then remain available via Slack while I make the magic happen 🙂 

Monthly Services

Done-for-You Monthly Retainers

Hand. It. Over. 

My done-for-you premium package means you get to stop worrying about all that content creation. 

I plan it. I research it. I write it. You do all the other things. 

*Investment starting at $997 per month.

Monthly Retainer: Content Repurposing Style

Got a podcast? Regular Facebook Live? Youtube videos? 
You work HARD on that content. Make it work harder for you with a premium content repurposing package. 

I take your audio or video content and turn it into copy you can repurpose across multiple platforms. 

*Investment starting at $597 per month

How it Works: Monthly Retainers

Step #1

Book a 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit + to discuss your goals.

Step #2

 Receive a custom proposal and contract for your ongoing copywriting needs.

Step #3

Sign and go! We’ll kick off with a brand voice strategy call.

Step #4

Find our rhythm + get that content flowing!

You continue to amaze, Leigh Ann. We absolutely love this post, your tone was perfect. Thanks for always digging deeper than our post outline - you were spot on with your additions to this article. 🙂 And thanks for the great call to action - it demonstrates how much you understand our voice and brand. Thank you!
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