VIP Copywriting. Done in a Flash.

When you book a VIP Copy Lab with me, you can rest easy knowing your copy needs will be handled by a pro. Because let’s face it…there comes a point when DIY simply isn’t worth it anymore.

You know the value of staying in your lane, and writing copy that converts isn’t it. If you want the fast track to a sales page, website, or email sequence that translates into paying clients, let’s chat.

As a conversion-trained, heart-centered copywriter, I guarantee your project will be handled with skill, care, integrity, and a healthy dose of fun  💃

How it Works

Stage One: Research + Planning

Once your project is booked, it’s time for me to immerse myself in your brand and your client journey.

We’ll start with my proprietary brand voice questionnaire.

Next comes the Voice of Customer research, that oh-so-necessary goldmine of information that holds the key to creating trust and confidence among your people… and conversions, of course 🙂

You’ll get a detailed project plan in advance of our VIP Lab week, plus access to a shared folder, Slack channel, and Voxer chat to make sure we’re on the same page during the process. 

Stage Two: Writing + Collaborating

Writing starts on the Monday of your VIP Lab week. I’ll be head down inside our shared Google Doc, chipping away at the copy. As questions arise, I’ll reach out. 

Your job? Just be able to respond before the end of our four-day writing sprint! The sooner the better, obvs, but you don’t have to stay glued to your screen. You hired an expert for a reason, right?

If you do happen to wander into our doc during the drafting process, don’t be alarmed if it looks a little messy… my creative process isn’t always linear, but I promise it’ll all come together in the end! 

Stage Three: Reviewing + Revising

Writing wraps up on the end of day four! I’ll give you the official “it’s ready for you!” announcement, signaling the start of the review & revision stage.

Take your time reading through everything. Sleep on it. Pass it along to a trusted friend for feedback. 

Most importantly, take care to notice anything that feels “off”, or conversely, anything that makes you go “hell yeah!!” Those are the reactions that lead to a killer, oh-so-you final product. 

You have 10 business days to get me your feedback and revision requests, at which point I’ll dive back in and polish it up for you!

What can be done during a VIP Copy Lab? 

Well, tbh, a lot depends on YOU. Are you starting from a solid foundation and just need some polishing? Or are you diving into your very first launch sequence, starting from scratch?

Here are a few examples of conversion-driven copywriting projects that can be completed during a VIP Copy Lab:

✏️Web Copy From Scratch: up to 5 pages
✏️Long-Form Sales Page
✏️Launch Email Sequence: 8-10 emails
✏️Nurture or Welcome Email Sequence + Opt-In Landing Page

Don’t see your project listed? No worries! Book a call and we can chat about your unique needs.

“Before working with you we were avoiding writing our copy and it was as source of stress. We feel confident the email campaign you helped write will nurture our evergreen funnel and allow our audience time to get to know us and purchase when they are ready. We are excited to work with you again in the near future. Thanks again for taking such great care of us!”
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