Stop Blaming MLMs- ALL the Options for Moms Suck

It’s a joke at this point.

Hey girl! Hey hun! Hey babe! It’s been so long since we’ve chatted-
how have you been!? 💁🔥❤️👍😊🌈🌟

We all know where it’s going. We all know we’re about to be asked to join yet another accountability group pushing MLM products for weight loss, makeup, nail wraps, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, WHATEVER.

But that desperate girl on the other side of your Facebook messenger isn’t really the joke anymore. 

The joke is you. Me. Us.

All the collective women who receive these messages & roll our eyes, laugh, share it with our friends, pass the memes around.

Here’s the truth- that old way? The way we’ve been told our whole lives was the right way?

College. Internships. Late nights. Early mornings.

Anything & everything necessary to earn that next promotion. Because that promotion was going to be the promotion right? The one where you stopped having to come in early & stay late. The promotion that allowed you to take more vacation. The promotion that allowed you the freaking privilege to go see your daughter’s talent show or be there for your son’s daycare parade.

That way was wrong. That way is not working. That final promotion that allows you the family/work balance everyone keeps lying to us about- it does not exist. 

You’ve heard it. You know it. You live it. In 2021, women are expected to work like they have no children & parent like they have no job. And it’s freaking impossible. And we are so tired. So exhausted. So over it. Is it any wonder women are turning in droves to MLM schemes that promise them a better life, more time with their children, a way out from this never-ending rushing?

So why aren’t we asking why smart, successful women are taking off their critical thinking caps to hawk misguided beauty products & untested essential oils? Does it just make us feel better to write them all off as money-hungry or naive or just straight up dumb?

Because really…their Facebook message really isn’t saying too much about them (except they’re misguided). Our reaction to it is saying a whole lot more about us.

How dare they try something different!

How dare they claim they can make an income at home with their children!

How dare they exit this never-ending grind- they’ll be running back to their old jobs in one year!

Am I saying you’re jealous that Sarah G. from middle school is slinging the latest charcoal toothpaste? Absolutely not. I don’t want that crap either. 

They are tapping into something many working women feel but do not dare to speak- this is not working for me. This is not what my life is about. I am more than this office. My children are more than this daycare. I need more. I deserve more. Where is my more?

But…if we don’t want to hawk mascara or climb the corporate ladder…what other options exist for mothers looking for flexible, freeing work? (Spoiler alert…they all FREAKING SUCK)

Data entry.
Bus driver.
Grocery shopper.
Uber Eats driver.

I am sick of it. I am exhausted by it. I am tired of the MLM jokes. I am tired of the media glorifying huge companies clearly taking advantage of women who need to earn an income but are either unwilling or unable to put their babies into daycare.

Here’s the thing- there is a way to make money from home while your babies cheer you on. And it does not involve creepily sliding into people’s Facebook messages, delivering fast food to random people, teaching kids at 5 am, or –God help us all- doing other people’s grocery shopping. I can barely handle my own. 

So please tell me…where is the fawning news coverage!? Where are the viral memes?! Where are the Instagram SWIPE UP links, the think pieces, the influencers shouting from the rooftops???

Freelancing. Literally anyone can freelance. There is no product to buy. Nothing to schlep. Get started today. Get paid today.

The internet finally used its powers for good- can you believe it!? Yep, the Internet is changing what it means to be a working mother. There are online entrepreneurs, local mom & pop shops, & national companies searching for freelancers. 

Like I said- that old way? Isn’t working anymore. So screw it. Before it screws you.

Start your own company. Build your business. Grow. Launch. Live your life on your terms.

What can you do as a freelancer? Literally anything you do as a paid employee.

Are you an inbox zero person? Try email inbox management
Love to play on Pinterest? Pinterest management
Previously built a sweet Geocities website back in the day? Website design
English major? Copywriting

There’s even something for those MLM hey hon! gals. Social media management.

Graphic designer,  virtual assistant services, project management services, accounting, on & on. If a company was paying you for it- someone else will pay you for it on your terms & time. At the rate you set.

We’re not lazy. We’re not crazy for wanting something more. We’re not entitled.

We’re inspired. 

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Micala fully believes that the modern mom can have it all. That you can provide for your family & be there for your babies. But it’s not easy. And while a lot of people want to tell you that they did it, very few are willing to tell you how. Until now.

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