"I love the copy that Leigh Ann created for me. It's really clarified my brand messaging, and it's all in the tone I wanted to convey. I've found myself re-using the website copy in social media, in bios, etc., saving me a ton of time."
Christina Smith
“Before working with you we were avoiding writing our copy and it was as source of stress. We feel confident the email campaign you helped write will nurture our evergreen funnel and allow our audience time to get to know us and purchase when they are ready. We are excited to work with you again in the near future. Thanks again for taking such great care of us!”
Thanks For Visiting
"I am blown away. Stunned. Completely amazed. Would I hire her again? Absolutely. With not the slightest hesitation."
Mercy Fae
Founder, Mercy Fae Solutions
“I really love the copy you've written! I'm able to edit from it -- but honestly - not much is needed. You've taken my copy and written something that completely matches the "feel" I wanted and hopefully will make my clients feel the way I hope they will feel when landing on my website.”
Tracy Ferrier
"Leigh Ann has taken my social media from blah to brilliant! Her captions are captivating, creative and fun with polished, clear calls to action. She is always providing interesting new content and goes the extra mile to research and find relevant stories that tie into my business. My engagement has more than doubled since Leigh Ann has been working her magic on my captions.
Layne Lyons
JD, Trademark & Business Lawyer for Women Entrepreneurs
"Before working with you I felt completely overwhelmed. I knew conceptually what I wanted but was having difficulty putting it into words. You made me feel comfortable about working together and I appreciated the personal attention you put into the project."
Vicki Maurer
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