The Simple Way to Attract Leads With a Funnel

How to Attract Leads With Your Funnel

If you’re an online business owner, you need a simple funnel that attracts leads with ease. Your goal is to take your ideal clients from total strangers to paying clients. How? By designing a journey so easy, logical, and value-loaded, they sell themselves on your offer before you even make a pitch.

Does that sound like a dream? Keep reading!

I just need to attract more leads 😣


If you’re an online business owner, that word probably stirs up some emotions. 

There are those of us who hear that word and immediately feel the anxiety creep in. That was me until relatively recently.

We picture complicated flowcharts, overwhelming tech automations, tripwires and upsells and downsells, oh my!! But it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming!

Here’s what I’ve come to realize lately: funnels don’t have to be super complicated after all. But they do have to exist and function for your business if you want to make any money.

Working through a training inside Copy School recently, the expert defined funnels like this: 

A funnel is a system that captivates, attracts, and converts strangers into perfect leads.

Sam Woods, Copyhackers

If you need more qualified leads, posting randomly in FB groups or sharing more IG reels isn’t gonna cut it. 

How do you know if your funnel is attracting the right leads?

How do you attract leads? Well, most of us do it with a lead magnet. For the longest time, I put my random lead magnets out into the world, collected an email address, and then…


As a result, my list sat dormant for over a year. I didn’t follow up with those people who raised their hands and said “yes, I want your guide to caption writing.”

Because back then, I was a baby entrepreneur. I still had the mindset of the freelancing mom who just wanted to quit her teaching job. 

I created a lead magnet without a plan. Without a purpose. Without an offer in mind. I simply thought about what topic I would feel comfortable sharing about, and I created it. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get a lot of qualified leads from that.

Now that I’ve gotten a few more years under my belt, I’ve adopted the mindset of a CEO building and growing her business. 

And I’ve learned what it takes to plan a simple, functional funnel that brings in qualified leads. One that is actually SIMPLE!! No flowchart required (unless you’re into that sort of thing). 

Where do you begin?

All that to say, I can help you plan, write, and launch a simple, effective funnel using a proven conversion copy formula. I’ve done it for myself, and I’m ready to offer it to more service providers and coaches, so you can experience the same kind of ease and success in attracting more qualified leads.

I’m looking for 4 online service providers or coaches who want to create an irresistible landing page, a perfect lead magnet, and a story-based email sequence that builds the know, like, and trust factor with your people. 

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