Copy in a Day: How a VIP Copywriting Day Works

VIP copy Days know your online business’s copy needs some work. An updated welcome sequence, web copy that reflects your newest offers and client transformations. You need that sales page you’ve been avoiding written sooner than you’d like to think. Girl, quit staring at your blinking cursor! You do not have to DIY this! What you need is a VIP copywriting day.

How Does a VIP Copywriting Day Work?

As with anything online-business-related, there are a thousand different ways to structure a VIP day. Here’s how my VIP Content Labs work: 

 Step 1: Book a discovery call. We’ll discuss your goals and zero in on some realistic outcomes for your day. 

Step 2: Secure your date with a signed contract + 50% deposit. 

Step 3: Complete your homework at least 72 hours in advance of our workday.

Step 4: Clear your schedule to be available via Slack during our lab time.

Step 5: Hop on a call with me to start our lab day. We’ll map out our plan of attack, and I’ll get to writing. 

Step 6: Respond promptly to questions + to approve copy via Slack.

Step 7: Hop on a recorded wrap-up call walking through all the goodness that just happened, along with my advice for future copy projects.

Step 8: Sit back, pop your beverage of choice, and admire your shiny new copy, done for you in a day. 

Step 9: If you’re happy with the outcome (of course you will be!), refer my name to your business BFFs. When a referral books a lab day with me, you’ll get 10% off your next VIP day. 

The major advantage to completely copywriting projects this way is that I can focus 100% of my attention fully immersed in your brand’s voice. No hopping from one client to another. No mindless multi-tasking. My phone goes to airplane mode, I ignore my inbox, and I close out all unrelated tabs. I do take coffee and pee breaks, but don’t worry: I’m efficient. 

What Projects Can Be Completed During a VIP Copywriting Day?

I’m gonna give the annoying answer: it depends. The amount of copy that I can write on a given day depends on several factors: 


🌟 The quality of your existing copy — if you already have a solid welcome sequence but just need it tweaked to be 2022-relevant, no problem. If you have a few three-line emails…not so much. 

🌟 The depth of change you want — are we talking a total gut job or a surface-level remodel? 

🌟 Your responsiveness — don’t leave me hanging waiting for approval! This is a lab day, as in we work together to create something new. I do most of the heavy lifting, but you have to pull your weight as well. Think of it like a school project. I’m the nerdy, A-type student who does most of the work; you’re the tagalong who just needs to show up and take the credit 🙂


There are certainly other factors to take into account, but here are a few ideas of what’s possible during a VIP copywriting day: 

 Full-Day Content Lab (6 hours)

✅ Web copy audit and page revision (2-4 pages)

✅ Sales page copy

✅ Email sequence ~ 8-10-ish emails

✅ Social media or blog content calendar


 Half-Day (3 hours)

✅ Web copy audit with a video + document walking you through suggested changes

✅ Sales page copy audit

✅ Short email sequence ~ 3-5-ish emails

✅ Social media caption prompts for 30-60 days

✅ Blog posts ~ 2 short-form or 1 longer-form (roughly 2000 words)

 Again, the outcomes that are possible depend on your unique needs, but this should give you an idea of what’s possible. 

 Want to talk through your copy needs? Book a free 30-minute discovery call

Girl, Do Your Homework! What I Need to Nail Your Brand Voice 

Seriously. The key to our success is getting me the details I need in advance. 

 It won’t be much, but the more completely you finish your homework, the better I can serve you. Some things I will need include:  

👉 Links to all of your active social channels, landing pages, websites, etc. 

👉 Existing drafts of whatever our project is focused on: your welcome sequence, current sales page, etc. 

👉 Examples of specific posts or pieces of copy that you LOVE

👉 Links to competitors you admire

👉 Links to social profiles or websites of your ideal clients

👉 Your elevator pitch

👉 Your ICA if you have one developed

 When you gather all of that for me, I’m able to begin diving into your messaging—both where it is now and where you want it to be. 

 I aim to understand the services you offer, the people you serve, and the transformations you bring about for them. 

 It’s crucial to get me the info I need in advance so I can spend my time sleuthing out your voice, messaging, and ideal clients. The week leading up to our lab day, I’ll be low-key internet stalking you. You’ll probably see me in your stories, in your subscriber list, on your social feeds. In the least creepy way possible, I will be all up in your business. 

 This is the method to my madness: I lean on my intuitive nature and years of experience sussing out people’s motivations and personalities. My first 10 professional years were spent trying to understand and relate to teenagers. I got pretty damn good at it, too. As I transitioned to my copywriting business, I realized that the easygoing, get-on-their-level voice I had developed as a high school teacher translated pretty well to excellent, conversational copywriting. 

Case in point? One of my earliest writing jobs was for a boutique marketing agency. Not gonna lie, the company’s organization was a bit…lacking. So I was often asked to turn out a month’s worth of social media posts for a completely random client I had never heard of before. You want me to adopt the voice of this spiritual-healer-turned-business-coach with an affinity for the f word who’s selling to an extremely niche audience? Okay. Now shift gears to write in the voice of this bubbly stay-at-home mom turned parenting coach who likes posting pics of herself baking with her adorable children. No problem. 

 Forgive my lack of modesty, but I f*cking nailed it. Every time. 

 My internet sleuthing skills—and my intuition—are strong. With a little help from you via some solidly-completed homework, you’ll get exactly what you want from our lab day together. 

Ready to Book Your VIP Copywriting Day? 

Openings are limited, so don’t wait. I can only take 2-4 VIP clients each month. Book a discovery call or shoot me an email: to inquire about availability. 

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